The She Elf

The She Elf

Writing prompt: Your character is crushing on a girl, he flounders around her.

Keatoph taps the pommel of his sword gently with his thumb, the remainder of his hand resting on its hilt. He walks between trees, inhaling deeply, enjoying the smell of pine and maple. It is autumn, and the forest provides all of the colors one could possibly hope to find.

Beside him the she-elf Ophni walks. Despite her small frame, she is not lost in the world of leaves and gentle breezes. In fact, she appears as if she may be the centerpiece of it all. Her eyes dazzle, her hair flows, and Keatoph, though he does his best not to, notices.

Of course, our hero does not believe in complimenting the looks of the opposite sex without great caution. It is all too easy to convey something that is not meant, or to make someone uncomfortable. No, the young warrior knows that if her beauty is worth its time, the person underneath will be. And so he sets out to know her.

“How did you become a member of the Saraphinee?” He asks.

“It is the most prestigious clan in the elf world,” Ophni answers. “It was naturally the way to go.”

“Maybe so,” Keatoph replies. “But how did you do it?”

“Those are hard days, not quickly retold. Perhaps we could talk about something else. For example, where are we going?”

“Ah, yes,” Keatoph responds. “We are heading to the village of Dardek. Supposedly, there is a wizard there who can supply us with gear for our next endeavor.”

“Oh? I have never been to the western half of the Felhind Woods.”

“Well,” Keatoph sighs, “Brace yourself.”

“What do you mean?”

“I much prefer the cities and villages to the east. They are far more friendly and welcoming. Plus, there is the citadel of Peringath-” he stops himself. His face looks as if he has just been stabbed by a dagger. “-Or at least, there was.”

The elf observes him as they walk. His person is slowly piecing together in her mind.

He is an injured soul,” she thinks to herself.

Even the way he carries himself is somewhat guarded. She has noticed it once before. He looks men in the eyes, but not to let them in. Rather, it is to keep people out. He engages regularly in conversation, but it is to amuse and to inspect. He is primarily social as an act of service, not as an act of self revelation.