The Battle of Grey Rock

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The Battle of Grey Rock

Writing Prompt: Write a Ballade about the hunting of a fearsome beast.

A night in the forest,

So they said it would be.

A trip through the mist,

To find out who he,

May truly be.

My only one brother,

Your kin will be set free,

daughters, son, and lover.

The Necromancer of Asgafal,

A fearsome, terrible foe,

Had been known to move by crawl,

Many families he gave woe.

He brought them their dead to show,

How horrible his power can be,

and how mighty still shall be his blow

lest they yield the emblem of Ashfell Tree.

The rain fell hard,

That fateful night.

The captain called him whom he sparred.