A Shady Night at an Ice Cream

A Shady Night at an Ice Cream

Writing prompt: It’s the night shift, and Lloyd is acting weirder than usual.

Twenty-eight days. That’s how long Dylan and Lloyd have been working at the ice cream stand on Broadway Street. It’s a short time for some, but for Dylan and Lloyd, it's made them veterans. Being the only two employees in a seasonal shack, they know all of the company drama and how to get around in the cut throat world of frozen diary. Of course, it helps that they have known each other for longer than twenty-eight days as well. They’ve known each other their entire lives. They even served as each other’s references when they applied together.

Suffice to say, Dylan and Lloyd get along well, and see things much in the same way. They like the same kind of girls, they play the same kind of games, and they even got the same haircut once (and only once). It made every bit of sense forty-one days ago, when they saw the sign for help at the Ice Cream King’s stand, to apply together. And for twenty seven days, things went swimmingly. Yesterday, however, was the end of that.

Dylan comes into work this morning (morning for him anyways) at twelve-forty-five pm. Lloyd is not there. In fact, Lloyd does not show up until two pm. This has left Dylan alone to do all of the set up. Still, they are good friends and when Lloyd comes in, Dylan makes little of it. So does Lloyd. In fact, Lloyd can’t seem to be bothered to do anything. He just sits and stares out the vending window, burning holes with his eyes into the road before them.

It does not take much longer for Dylan to become a bit annoyed, and a bit concerned. He is not sure which feeling, if either, is justified. Thus, Dylan decides to do some investigative work and see if he is unable to get things back to normal.

“You alright there, bud?” He asks gently. Lloyd glances at him and goes back to the road. The look Dylan receives is one that is in his direction, maybe it is even at him, but there is no focus and no real recognition. “What’s on your mind?”

“How do you think this place stays open?” Lloyd asks him.

“Are you joking? With you and me running this place, how could it close?” Dylan jives back.

“Seriously. How can this place be open for two months of the year, and be able to pay for itself?”

Dylan pauses at the thought. He is surprised by Lloyd’s interest in the business’ financial plan.

“I suppose I don’t know.”

“Well,” Lloyd looks back at his friend. This time his eyes are sharp and aware. “I do.”

“Okay… tell me.”